Readers' Vent: Sept. 20, 2019

I’ve got the solution. Ask Virginia to take us back. The reunification worked in Germany. It should work here. We’ll even support renaming the song “almost heaven Western Virginia.”

Just read the editorial written by Bil Lepp. He said the airport is advertising itself as the “gateway to the world.” They have announced a new director at Yeager Airport, Nick Keller. Do you think Nick Keller will be able to get the gateway cleaned up from the bottom of airport hill to the interstate? That would leave a good impression on everyone arriving and departing from the airport. That would help boost the economy when people come in looking at locating jobs in West Virginia.

It is so obvious that the media is liberal. If I formed an opinion on how I felt West Virginia voted based on what I read here I would assume that West Virginia did not vote for President Trump. But we all know that West Virginia voted overwhelmingly for President Trump. My conclusion would be few conservatives read the main stream media.

I 100 percent support any cuts in welfare. They are long overdue. I don’t mind helping people get back on their feet, but that help must have a expiration date. Those that seek out and accept lifelong welfare benefits are part of the problem we have today. They see welfare as a career choice not the drain on society it really is.

Sorry, but we taxpayers should not be forced to pay wages to people who want to attend a grievance hearing. If they are the ones filing the grievance, fine. But we should not be paying for spectators to go and act as cheerleaders. That’s just wrong. If they want to attend fine, just take a vacation day.

Mexico ain’t paying for no wall, coal mining jobs ain’t coming back, China ain’t going to spend tens of billions of dollars in West Virginia. What will it take to prove our president is thoroughly dishonest?

The Saudi Prince ordered the horrific assassination of a Washington Post reporter and denies involvement. I’m sure he’d deny involvement in blowing up his own oil rigs too. He is not an ally to anything good.

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