Readers' Vent: Sept. 5, 2019

That climate change worsens hurricanes has not been scientifically proven. It is a only a conjecture, a supposition, a hypothesis, not a proven fact.

The opioid problem is a people problem. Without users, there would be no demand, no addicts. It is people who need treatment. It is people who suffer. It is absolutely a people problem.

Here’s what should happen in this mine bankruptcy. The miners should be removed from the tracks. The coal should be sold. Then the miners should be paid first. Then the vendors should be paid. Then whatever is left can be used to pay lawyers and any taxes. Lawyers and taxes should be last.

Mexico is not paying for Trump’s wall, the U.S. Army is.

Just like “racist,” “liar” has become another catch phrase for the Democrats. FYI — disagreeing with you does not make us racist or liars. Calling us that shows you have no factual grounds for your side of the issue.

Let’s see: We have had a Republican President for three years, he had a Republican Congress for the first two years and a Republican Senate for the last year. Based on these facts, who do we blame for the inaction on good medical care program and the lack of an effective immigration plan? The answer is obvious — it’s those darn Democrats!!

I want to praise the conservative members of the British Parliament that broke ranks with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and voted against his plan to exit the EU. I wish we had Republican Senators that could work up enough courage to break ranks with President Trump over some of the crazy things he is pulling. I doubt we will ever see this because they are more concerned in keeping their job rather than doing what is right for our country. May freedom ring.

Why do people hold their phones in portrait mode when making videos? If you’re making a video, hold the phone in landscape mode. That’s how it’s done. I appreciate all the hurricane videos, but they’d be much better if people would just do it correctly.

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