Readers' Vent: Sept. 16, 2019

The Catholic hierarchy has bestowed another immaculate deception on it’s flock through Bransfield’s lavish lifestyle. Denial is not a river.

To the ventor that their mother lost her insurance and their own premiums doubled, I say the fact remains that tens of millions more gained insurance than lost it. Many companies blamed Obama for their desire to not find quality health insurance.

To the person who vented about evangelicals casting their lot with Donald Trump and not caring what the good book says. I guess you have forgotten when Democrats booed God.

As a disabled veteran I wonder if its safe to be admitted to a VA Hospital. Least it will save the VA money in the long run.

No way will adult audiences watch a silly, immature program concerning similar happenings and events they have been experiencing for more than 20 years! Please nix it.

I am an evangelical by practice, and acknowledge that President Trump has many flaws, but he is to be preferred over the secular, heathen, globalist, big-government advocate Hillary Clinton.

Parents, teach your children the fundamentals of social interaction. Respect for everyone whether you agree with them or not. Don’t use profanity in public. Respect the law and it’s officers who work hard to keep us safe. Finally, respect this nation and its flag. Realize how lucky you are to live here. Of course someone may have to teach the parents these things first.

Anyone else believe Trump would be requiring papers from those in the Bahamas if they had been more affluent and white? I think not. Quality Americans aren’t supposed to create such a double standard at a time of crisis.

Enough with the liberal jargon. Guns are the means by which evil people choose to harm others. There is no OK reason anyone needs an assault rifle or these other high powered guns. No one wants all the guns. Stop name calling and focus on problem solving.

Where are all those jobs Trump keeps bragging about? I know where they are not. West Virginia.

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