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Readers' Vent: Sept. 9, 2019

If I had the power; I’d take all of those liberal presidential candidates and their supporters and stick them on a remote desert island. This comes from a former 25 plus year democrat and current union member.

Trump’s friend Geraldo Rivera said it perfectly, if unintentionally: “Everything he says and does is cross-checked and scrutinized to reveal him to be stupid, uninformed, or a liar.” Exactly. He is all three.

Democrats in control 8 years? Our health care is destroyed? Our economy destroyed for 7 years? Nothing in that vent was true.

Trump is way off the charts. Dorian will hit Alabama, nuking hurricanes in the Atlantic. Those poor White House staff lackeys, scrambling to cover the ramblings of an unhinged man.

I guess evangelicals no longer feel it’s important to have leaders that have any virtues of Christ. It’s like the blind leading the blind.

A decorated soldier told me that no one needs an automatic weapon unless they are fighting a war. Those who keep blaming liberals for wanting to take all their guns are not listening. The majority of Americans want background checks and a ban on automatic weapons.

Republicans like Iowan Ernst are planning to destroy Social Security and prefer to discuss it in private, out of our sight. They want you to be afraid that Democrats are socialist, while they destroy our most successful program ever. Keep voting for Republicans and eventually you’ll have no Social Security, medical insurance, minimum wage, religious freedom, human rights and much else they have always worked against.

After reading EQTs confession anyone who has a gas well interest over a couple years old should check if royalty payments should be received. Any way to check??

If Trump’s dad had not given him money to get started on, he would be on a street corner in New York selling paper roses.

The vent about who’s paying for Trump’s Folly is wrong. Not only is Mexico not paying for the wall, neither is the U.S. Army. It’s the American taxpayers who have to foot the bill for Trump’s ridiculous idea.

Why are children coming to school with worn shoes when we are being told how good our economy is, how low our unemployment is and how good everything is by this Republican administration.

A main water line busted in the alley between Main Street and Dupont Avenue on July 29 in Nitro. It took the water company two hours to respond. Water gushed into homes and property for 15 hours before the water company found the shut off valve. Why?

I do not think suits against drug manufacturers and getting large sums of money will solve our problem with addiction. Maybe a good look at why so many find life so meaningless and hopeless that the only escape is getting stoned on life-threatening substances is the only escape. Could it be that a soul needs God to help them make sense of life?

I support Trump because he understands the Christian faith is the influence that has made possible the most just, free and prosperous people the world has known. As the enemies of faith grow, we see America spiraling downward.

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