Readers' Vent: Sept. 14, 2019

There is an easy way to avoid any calls or contact with debt collectors whatsoever. Pay your bills!

Will we ever see a headline regarding President Trump like this morning’s Gazette-Mail headline regarding former bishop Bransfield: “Profoundly morally wrong”? We should and it’s time we did!

Another empty promise or another lie? Trump plans to unveil a middle class tax cut next year. Why didn’t the middle class receive the same percentage tax cut the wealthy received to begin with? Who is paying the bills now? More deficit and more debt.

If by being Trump supporters people support his alleged racism, then I guess all democrats support the wacky and far-left socialist policies of the radical nuts like Omar, Tlalib, and that AOC woman. Right? Talk about racists and bigots. It’s the same thing. Don’t point your fingers at anyone when you do the very same thing. That’s being a hypocrite.

What kind of school principal lets a school get into such a shape as Elkview Middle and what in the heck is the superintendent gonna do about it. Nothing! Same as getting construction started for the high school. Give him a raise!

The reason your insurance cost went up is because you had a junk policy that didn’t even offer minimum coverage and was therefore outlawed and replaced with a decent policy with required minimum coverage. Quit blaming Obama and vote for a Democrat who will fix it instead of tearing it apart.

The president is following the law by stopping US entry by some refugees from the Bahamas. They are required to have visas, but did not. Trump is logical and competent, but he constantly is portrayed in a negative light by CNN, MSN, and AP.

I’m all for banning e-cigarettes, flavored or otherwise, but am puzzled by the efforts to ban vaping because of a half-dozen deaths and a growing number of lung illnesses attributed to it. Where has this outrage and action been for decades as real cigarettes kill thousands every year? Do the supposed leaders in Washington not see the hypocrisy in banning fake cigarettes, but letting the real thing continue to kill?

Hey, Boone County. You voted Trump in to bring back coal. How’s that working for you?

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