Readers' Vent: Sept. 2, 2019

In April, according to the US Energy Information Agency, for the first time, Renewable Energy resources generated more electric power than coal. This is a continuation of a solid economic growth now being driven by the fact that renewables are lower in cost than coal. When will the WV leadership recognize this opportunity to retrain miners in clean safe jobs, cut utility rates and join the fight to reverse the planet threatening impact of fossil fuel caused Climate Change while stimulating our State’s economy?

The extent of destruction done by Dorian is as yet unknown, but the president already has failed to respond properly and lacks empathy? Some of you say Trump is crazy. You should start listening to yourselves if you want to hear crazy.

If you believe that WV is in the top third in the country in road improvement I have some ocean front property in St. Albans that I would like to sell you.

Does being a friend of coal mean you don’t believe fossil fuel is causing extreme climate change?

How is it that a group like the NRA can have non-profit status for tax purposes when it pays top officials $800,000 per year? Sounds to me like someone is definitely making a profit. The wealthy benefiting from the tax laws.

Man causing climate change is a hoax whose purpose is to promote socialism.

With the stock market on a downturn we are now seeing a more desperate and more unhinged Trump. He knows he must win the election, otherwise, he will be headed to a gated community that he does not own. The only thing that scares him are prosecutors and strong women.

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