Readers Vent:

The liberals were out to stop Trump before he ever got started. Of course they were because they could see clearly that Donald J. Trump is, was and always will be unfit to be president. To pretend like he is not a habitual liar is lying to yourself.

I suppose the reader who criticized the Corridor G plan is a traffic engineer with years of training? I say leave it to DOH who has real traffic engineers doing the planning and sophisticated traffic models at their disposal.

In Teays Valley over the last five or so years, we have a problem of oak trees dying which had been previously healthy. Possibly related, we are also having something in our rain, that leaves a black, hard and greasy coating on cars and porches when it dries. Possibly some new emissions from processing plants? Does anyone in other areas notice this, and have you contacted anyone about it? We tried the DNR and got no help or information.

To the liberal, socialist democrats of Charleston. You’ve tried to change the name of the Xmas parade, now you want to change Court Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Why don’t we name a street after our President Donald J. Trump? Because that would cause the democrats to throw themselves in front of moving cars.

When a police officer is called to the scene of a disturbance and issues a command to “stop” to the person causing the disturbance and he/she does not stop, are they to immediately recognize this person has special needs? If Freda Gilmore does not understand the command to “stop”, why don’t her parents have her accompanied by a companion when she goes out?

Donald Trump is not perfect. Nowhere close. But on his worst day he’s still better than any Democrat running. I see nothing at all wrong with his actions regarding the Ukraine and the Bidens. Nothing. We need to know that information. The end justifies the means.

Has a single Trump appointee appeared to testify under oath that his call with Ukraine was anything other than a political shakedown? Nope, thought not.

So. Pelosi is withholding articles of impeachment from the Senate unless they do what she wants. Isn’t that quid pro quo?

The Trump administration is now the most corrupt administration in American history. His National Security Advisor is going to prison, campaign chairman, personal lawyer, personal advisor (Stone), deputy campaign manager (Gates), Papadopoulus, are all going to prison. Many of his cabinet members have resigned in disgrace. Now he has corrupted the next election. This fast talking city slicker has got to go.

Republicans have no defense for Trump’s actions that caused his impeachment, Trump admitted it in writing, and his chief of staff, Mulvaney, admitted it in a press conference. Then, they decided to just lie and say it didn’t happen. Their behaviors are a disgrace to our wonderful country and our democracy. West Virginia representatives agreeing with the lies is a disgrace to West Virginians.

Living in this great country,, it is interesting to note the hypocritical attitudes of our society. For example, the group that is most aggressive in their stance against abortion is also the group that is adamant in their support of capital punishment.

CNN pays 50-some airports across the country $6 million dollars to play their news broadcasts. That sure isn’t flying the friendly skies to me. I think I’ll drive my car or take a train.

Miss America 2020 is live on NBC while the Democratic presidential debate is on. Which do you think Trump will watch?

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