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Photo: A great hunting dog

Can you have more than one great hunting dog? Maybe. Here is Chris with Boogie and puppy Blu.

I have often heard the same answer offered as a response to someone telling a story about a good hunting dog. Although the response can somewhat vary in length and specifics, the same message always seems to come bubbling up to the surface: Great dogs can never be replaced, or you only get one truly amazing dog in your lifetime.

I have no idea if the response statements are factual or even based on data, but after hearing it most of my adult life, I can’t help but to wonder. Not all old tales are true, but there are more than a few close enough to reality to cause me to pause and consider, especially in the sporting, outdoor lifestyle realm.

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Chris Ellis is a veteran of the outdoors industry. His book “Hunting, Fishing and Family from The Hills of West Virginia” is available at Contact him at

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