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Almost every day I hear someone mention the topic of caring for aging parents. It seems only yesterday that my friends and I were swapping colic-coping methods, survival techniques for the terrible twos and picky eater solutions.

One of our cats got sick recently. Aside from the stress that comes with a well-loved family pet being in pain and unable to do anything about it, and not to mention the stress of the vet bills that inevitably arise, I ran into the perfect storm of headaches: road construction.

Pancakes are probably one of the earliest foods eaten in prehistoric societies. Flours were made of cattails and other plants, which were mixed with water and baked. Ancient Greeks and Romans made pancakes with wheat flour, olive oil, honey and curdled milk.

With all the claims of “fake news” and deliberately inaccurate information being thrown around on social media, I see another problem that frustrates me – some people can’t tell (or don’t know) the difference between news and opinion in “mainstream” media sources.

Few issues get Mountain State anglers stirred up like the issue of trout stocking. About the only thing fishermen can agree on when it comes to stocking is that it’s best done in places where water is present.