How to Submit Tips

For Most Story Ideas

The instructions on this page pertain to sensitive information — not to events, scheduled press conferences, etc. If you have an event you think would be of interest to our features team, you can submit the information here. If you want to make sure the appropriate reporter knows of an upcoming press conference, you can find the person you need to reach out to here.

For Tips and Leaks

Have a story we should know about? Documents the public needs to see? We value your privacy, and want you to feel secure while sending in tips. Here are a couple ways to keep the conversation more confidential than with standard email and messaging apps — and some things to keep in mind about what makes a good tip.

Documents and Names

We respect that you might not be in a position to speak publicly about an important issue.

But we need to verify information before we print it — so the names of anyone who might be able to speak on the record will go a long way toward turning a tip into a story we can report. Even the names of people who might talk off the record, but who can point us in the right direction, can help.

In the same way, documents — either ones that you can send us or public records you can suggest that we should request — can give us a solid foundation from which to report.

How to Contact Us

Want to email us? You might want to think about creating a ProtonMail account.


ProtonMail is based in Switzerland, and as explained in the “about us” page, is run by “scientists, engineers, and developers drawn together by a shared vision of protecting civil liberties online.” You can read more about its security measures here. It's available for Android and Apple devices, as well as in your web browser.

You can reach us at Be aware that using ProtonMail and similar services will not automatically render you free from detection. For example, if you access your account while at work, and your place of employment tracks your internet usage, this could point to you as the person who sent in the tip.

Want to reach a reporter on a specific beat?

You can contact Ken Ward Jr. about environmental issues or workplace safety problems at, Eric Eyre about Statehouse issues and the opioid crisis at, and Ryan Quinn about education issues at

Don't want to email us? We happily accept tips through the Postal Service as well. You can mail in tips, documents and digital files (on flash drives and disks) to this address:

Charleston Gazette-Mail


1001 Virginia St. E

Charleston, WV 25301

Remember not to include a return address — and remember to mail the letter or package from a sidewalk box you wouldn't normally use, rather than sending from home, work or a post office location.