West Virginia Pittsburgh Basketball

West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins complains to officials as his team plays Pittsburgh on Nov. 15 in Pittsburgh.

Welcome to “Second Guess” Tuesday.

Here are the opinions du jour.

n When Bob Huggins is right … well, he’s right.

West Virginia University’s veteran men’s basketball coach never has been shy about speaking his mind. Sometimes his viewpoints are good, sometimes not so good.

But one variable is fairly consistent.

Huggins’ opinions are almost always interesting.

So it was recently with his reaction to then-No. 16 WVU’s game at then-No. 3 Kansas not being aired on mainstream television last Saturday. Instead, it was streamed on ESPN+.

From the git-go, that decision seemed very sketchy. But since the Big 12 Conference signed a deal with ESPN for the league’s Big 12 Now streaming service, the league made it happen.

It was an ill-conceived idea, to say the least.

And Huggins didn’t hesitate to say so.

“I think it’s tough for our people,” said Huggins. “I know I’ve got two girls that are pretty good with being able to work the iPads and all those kind of things — and they were having a hard time getting our first football game (on Big 12 Now).

“I’m sure it has gotten better since then, but it’s going to take some time. I think we may be the school that our fans have the hardest time [with the streaming service] to be able to have the technology or whatever it is to watch the game.”

My guess is he’s right.

Marshall University also played its game against North Texas on ESPN+ Saturday afternoon. The difference is wifi and broadband connectivity speeds in the relatively flat area around Huntington are much better than in the mountainous regions around Morgantown.

So, yes, there probably were a lot of Mountaineer fans who weren’t able to watch this big game.

That’s a shame.

What’s a bigger shame, however, is I don’t believe Big 12 officials even care.

n Rumors are flying that Marshall’s football program is interested in a quarterback who has placed his name in the transfer portal.

His name is Quadry Jones and he spent the last two seasons in UCF’s program. But since the Knights’ star quarterback in 2019 was true freshman Dillon Gabriel, it didn’t make sense for a redshirt freshman such as Jones to stick around.

So, he’s available.

The interesting part is Marshall actually offered Jones a scholarship in 2018, according to 247 Sports. So, the Herd has had prior interest and contact with him.

The 6-foot, 176-pound quarterback threw just three passes last season, completing all three for 78 yards and a touchdown. Jones, who is a native of Orlando, played for Jones High School. He completed 77 of 109 passes (.706) for 1,328 yards and 14 TDs as senior, averaging 265.6 passing yards.

As a junior, Jones passed for 2,256 yards and 28 touchdowns.

As rumors go, this is a pretty interesting one.

n WVU’s Huggins isn’t widely known for his humor.

But he has his moments.

One of those arrived when Huggins was discussing officiating. He pointed out that every referee sees and calls games differently. Then, when fans see replays and start booing, it’s a difficult pill for the officiating crew to swallow.


Nah, wait for it.

“If they wouldn’t get paid so damn much,” said Huggins, “I’d feel sorry for them. But since I know what their check is, I don’t feel a bit sorry for them.”

Now, that’s good stuff.