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Hamrick 6l

Mike Hamrick

Enough is enough.

Marshall University’s fan base has been held hostage long enough. In fact, it has been much, much too long, to be honest.

Former Marshall head football coach Doc Holliday was informed by MU President Jerry Gilbert and the Marshall Board of Governors that his contract, which was set to run out on June 30 (the end of the fiscal year) would not be renewed.

That was 138 days ago.

Yet veteran MU Athletic Director Mike Hamrick, whose contract also concludes on June 30, still sits in his office, still drives his courtesy car and, yes, still hangs in limbo.

Why? Why? Why?

Wasn’t 138 days long enough to arrive at an answer?

Apparently not.

So here Marshall’s fan base sits and waits and twists in the wind. And with every passing day, there is more dissent, more taking sides and more controversy.

It isn’t healthy.

Those in the pro-Hamrick faction state their side of the cause. The anti-Hamrick faction answers with its reasons. And the split within the fan base just keeps growing wider and wider.

There are no winners in this debate.

The longer this exercise in futility is allowed to persist, the harder it will be to heal this split. It’s simply human nature. That’s why it never should have been allowed to continue at a sloth’s pace for an unconscionable 138 days.

The result is the split keeps growing, the rhetoric turns to dissent and more and more Thundering Herd fans feel like they have to choose sides.

There’s no excuse for that. It absolutely should not be the case. There isn’t anything pro-active about this situation whatsoever.

The nagging question is: Why did Marshall University officials allow this situation to reach this point?

Any answers?

I wish I were surprised by the sounds of silence, but I’m not.

After 138 days passed by with no answers, no action, no explanations, why should we expect any now? And that’s the real issue. The fan base is entitled to answers, entitled to action, entitled to explanations.

But what is Marshall’s fan base hearing?

Crickets. That’s all, crickets.

That means it is time — past time, actually — to start calling people out. So let’s start at the obvious place. Dr. Gilbert, c’mon down.

He is the university president. He is the commander-in-chief. He lives in the President’s mansion. So why isn’t Gilbert keeping Marshall’s supporters informed? Why is he allowing this to create dissension among alumni and fans? Why isn’t he giving us any answers?

Those are all very legitimate questions. The problem is the public isn’t getting any answers, legitimate or otherwise. And now it has reached the point of being absolutely unacceptable.

Dr. Gilbert either needs to step up or step down. He owes Marshall’s alumni and fan base that much. And if he waffles, then it is up to Board of Governors Chairman Patrick Farrell and his board members to step in and make a decision.

The twisting in the wind has to stop. The indecisiveness has to stop. The lack of leadership has to stop.

It’s time for Marshall’s leadership to show some decisiveness.

Way past time.