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2016 0821 mu football

Former Marshall offensive coordinator and West Virginia star Bill Legg is excited to return to WVU as an assistant to coach Neal Brown.

Bill Legg adores being back in the state of West Virginia.

It’s like a state of euphoria for him.

The former West Virginia University star also loves rejoining the Mountaineers’ coaching staff.

Yet, the Poca product makes one point abundantly clear about this return of the native.

It isn’t just a homecoming.

Legg is back for one all-compelling reason.

The name of the reason?

Neal Brown, WVU head coach.

“At the end of the day,” said Legg, “obviously being from the state of West Virginia and being relatively close to home [Poca] and having gone to school here — all those are pluses, there’s no question about that.

“But I came here because what I knew about Neal Brown, I was extremely impressed. And, then, Gerad Parker got hired here in December [as offensive coordinator] and he had worked with us at Marshall. So, I knew Gerad really well and I have a ton of respect for Gerad.”

If all this sounds like a perfect storm, it’s because it was.

“When this opportunity came up, it was a win-win,” said Legg, whose title is assistant to the head coach. “I’m back at my alma mater. I get to work with some people that I think are high-end people.

“But had the high-end people not been there in place, it wouldn’t have mattered. I wasn’t coming back to WVU and I wasn’t coming back to West Virginia, in general, just because it was WVU and just because it was the state of West Virginia.

“If that other piece had not been in place, then it wouldn’t have been as desirable.”

The name of that “other piece” is Neal Brown.

And with each passing day, Legg is getting a better grasp on precisely what his role entails.

“Somewhat,” he said with a laugh, “but I’m learning something new every day. Coach Brown is heavily, heavily involved with the offense. But, obviously, a head football coach at a Power Five school gets pulled in 900 different directions.”

Perhaps, even more now because of COVID-19.

“My primary responsibility is, basically, to help keep him updated on everything that is going on,” continued Legg. “I will do a lot of scouting. I will help him with the things that he has to do with football — that are football related.

“Practice plans. Making sure we are checking off all the boxes from the stand-point of making sure we are covering every situation. Things like that. Those will be my primary deals. And, then, helping the young coaches — the grad assistants and the quality control guys — with things they have to do. Being kind of an intermediary there. A go-between there between coach and them.”

Basically, Legg’s mission statement is fluid.

“Dealing with anything that is football-related that Coach Brown needs help on,” said Legg, “because of his time constraints.”

So, as much as Legg likes being home again, it wasn’t compelling enough on its own merits to entice him to return.

The difference-maker was Brown.

“Every day I’m here,” said Legg, “it becomes more apparent that he is above and beyond what I knew coming in.”

Brown proved that with one very smart move.

He brought back Bill Legg.