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Dan D’Antoni

Welcome to “Second Guess” Tuesday.

Better wear a mask because these opinions are contagious.

n Is Conference USA’s plan to have basketball teams play the same team on both Thursday and Saturday of the same week at the site of the home team a good idea?

Let’s ask around.

How about it, Danny D’Antoni, what’s your opinion?

“You know, I don’t think it’s the optimal thing,” said Marshall University’s veteran head basketball coach. “I don’t think any coach does. But it is fair. Everybody is doing the same thing.

“It may work out, I don’t know. It might be the way you do it in the future. But to such a change, I think it will be very difficult to say one way or the other that it’s a total disaster or that it was really good.”

The inherent problem is obvious. Namely, whoever wins the Thursday game — whether it’s the home team or visitor — will have a lot of difficulty winning the Saturday game.

There probably will be a lot of 1-1 splits.

“We’ll play it out,” said D’Antoni. “Everybody is playing the same thing. We all have the same goal. My goal is to win the NCAA title. Everybody starts at 0-0 in our conference play, which gets us into the NCAA tournament and everybody is playing the same type of schedule.

“So we just have to go out there and do our part and win our games and make sure when we get to the tournament we’re ready for the Conference USA tournament and have a real chance of getting back to the NCAA.”

C-USA’s reasoning for this change in scheduling, as opposed to the traditional format, is to help the member schools save money on travel expenses as well as minimize potential exposure to COVID-19.

Everybody understands that. But does it mean we like it? No. Just ask Marshall’s Andrew Taylor.

“I don’t like it,” said the 6-foot-3 redshirt sophomore guard. “Obviously, nobody wants to play the same team twice like that. I guess I understand it. It’s everybody. That’s the way we have to look at it. It’s not just us.

“We just have to accept it and do what we can with it. I, personally, don’t like it. Just being honest. That’s the feelings I have toward it.”

Besides appreciating Taylor’s candor, I also happen to agree with him.

The true test of this idea, however, will be if other Division I basketball conferences adopt a similar scheduling scenario.

That will be the litmus test.

n The city of Huntington dropped the ball on honoring the late Reggie Oliver.

The decision to designate the intersection of 14th Street and Charleston Avenue as “Honorary Reggie Oliver Square” was a great idea. It was a well-deserved honor that the late Marshall University “Young Thundering Herd” quarterback richly deserved.

But Oliver also deserved something else. Namely, his old friends and fans to be able to attend the event that was kept very, very quiet.

There was nothing quiet about Reggie. He was larger than life and he would have wanted all his friends and well-wishers to have been there. And he would have visited with each and every one of them.

That’s how Reggie always was.

It’s unfortunate that a crowd wasn’t allowed at the event because there certainly would have been one.

It’s what Reggie Oliver would have wanted.