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wvu football spring practice

West Virginia University football players huddle up Tuesday during spring practice in Morgantown

As everyone knows, these are unusual times. Here are some things that I miss and some things that I don’t miss.

Things I miss

n Spring football. I love college football, and I have missed spring football this year. I enjoy getting an early look at the young players that you may not see in the fall. I always enjoy watching college coaches work in the spring when they can actually teach without having to worry about the pressure of an upcoming game. For years, I was involved with the telecast of the Penn State Blue-White game. Former coach Joe Paterno was on the telecast as an analyst. It made for incredible TV. It was like listening to Pavarotti sing or watching a great chef in the kitchen. You did not want to miss a second of his wit and insight.

n College football magazines. Normally, at this time of year, I am eager with anticipation to see the preseason college football magazines appear. Now, life is different. The magazine business has changed. We are not as starved for information as we used to be. Also, the pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding the season has diminished some of my preseason anticipation.

n The state baseball tournament. I miss standing around at the tournament at Appalachian Power Park and listening to “baseball people” like Cal Bailey, Billy Joe Hicks, Freddie Wright and David Stone make fun of each other. Nothing is more fun than sitting or standing around talking to a bunch of coaches.

n Working out. I miss working out at my local Tri-County YMCA in Teays Valley. I miss the release of the “good mood endorphins” that come from working out. However, more importantly, I miss the sounds, the conversation and the camaraderie of the weight room.

n Driving around and listening to Major League Baseball games on satellite radio.

n Going to my home church, River Ridge Teays Valley. The staff there has done a remarkable job providing a service online, but I miss seeing the people.

Things I don’t miss

n Traffic. I must admit that it is kind of nice to drive and have the road to myself. I live in Teays Valley and traffic is now starting to pick back up.

n Long lines. Sometimes in the morning I like to treat myself to bagels and cream cheese. I don’t miss sitting in line at the drive-thru at the bagel or donut shop. It has been kind of nice to go right to the front of the line.

n Hockey. I miss sports at this time of the year, but I really do not miss hockey. I am not anti-hockey. I just don’t miss it.

n Struggling to find a parking space.

n Selfies on social media. With the pandemic, most of us are overweight and our hair is too long and unkempt. Thus, selfies on social media are down.

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