Mingo Central High School is looking into appealing the Cardinal Conference’s decision to kick the Miners out of the Class AA Conference, according to MCHS Principal Daniel Dean.

Members of the Cardinal Conference voted 7-2 to remove the Miners from the athletic conference effective for the 2020-21 school term following six years in the league, citing several reasons but with travel to MCHS being the main concern.

“We’re looking into doing an appeal,” Dean said in an interview with the Williamson Daily News. “The only reason you can be dismissed from the conference is for flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct from one school to another school. And the three instances they gave, which one of them wasn’t even true, did not rise to that under anyone’s definition ... so we’re looking into the next steps that we take legally. If we want to leave the conference it should be of our own accord following the policies correctly, and we should not be asked to leave the conference for reasons that do not exist.”

Mingo Central Athletic Director Dr. Ted Kinder said that one of the main reason’s for looking into filing an appeal was to try and make the conference members honor the schedules for the next season, in particular for football.

With them losing nine games by being booted from the conference and it occurring so late in the year, most teams already have contracts set in place for next season and it would be tough for the Miners to schedule a 10-game season for next year.

Members in the Cardinal Conference that voted to remove MCHS were Herbert Hoover, Nitro, Sissonville, Scott, Wayne, Winfield and Poca. Chapmanville and Logan voted against the measure.