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Weekend ponderings

MORGANTOWN — Things I'm thinking as the weekend begins:

I hope West Virginia athletic director Shane Lyons didn't have any family plans for the weekend. Might find himself busy.

If Texas and Oklahoma transfer to the SEC, do they have to sit out a year?

If this goes through, the NCAA may have to put a conference transfer portal in to keep up with the shifting of teams from one league to the next.

Why wasn't this same fuss made when WVU's men's soccer team left the MAC to go to Conference USA?

Will the Big 12 gobble up Houston to replace Texas?

If they do, won't it be fun when Dana Holgorsen comes to coach against the Mountaineers in Mountaineer Field?

Does WVU stick with the Big 12, if it can survive or will it finally convince the ACC that it's worthy of joining their exclusive club that has denied them membership for almost three-quarters of a century?

Is the ACC or the B1G a better fit for the Mountaineers?

Is the Big 12 doomed if they replace Texas and Oklahoma with, say, Houston and Cincinnati? That certainly could make it an even better basketball conference.

Will ESPN have any interest in a Big 12 conference of West Virginia, Iowa State, Oklahoma State (if it stays, which is unlikely as it needs Oklahoma as a rival), Kansas State, Kansas, Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, Cincinnati and Houston?

How quickly do the remaining Big 12 schools rush Bob Bowlsby out as commissioner after leaving the backdoor unlocked so the Sooners and Longhorns could sneak out?

How the heck is Texas supposed to win in the SEC when it couldn't win any longer in the Big 12?

Why does it seem like West Virginians are more upset by the possibility of Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 than they are about what seems to be another rise in the spread of the COVID-19 virus?

Something unfair about WVU losing a budding rivalry with Texas while the Longhorns not only keep the Red River Showdown with Oklahoma and gets to bring back the rivalry with Texas A&M, who doesn't even want to have the Longhorns in the same conference.

Should WVU not playing Oklahoma and Texas on a yearly basis help or hurt the Mountaineers' football recruiting?

Here's a conference I'd like to see formed: West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Pitt, Penn State, Louisville, Cincinnati, Maryland and Rutgers ... and then tell everyone to leave us alone.

The Texas and Oklahoma proposed defection not only caught the Big 12 by surprise, it had to catch the SEC by surprise and certainly none of the other conferences had any idea it was coming, so all are scrambling to make contingency plans for what it might mean to their future.

If this goes through, it's the worst thing that could happen to the Big 12 but, know what, it doesn't really change much in the SEC, which was king of football already. One suspects Alabama is far less worried about Oklahoma or Texas than it is about Georgia, Auburn or Florida.

Oklahoma and Texas fans may find their seats in visiting stadiums in Big 12 games this year in the end zone ... and not necessarily facing the field.