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Moses supercenter

Moses Auto Group’s used car footprint stretches from Charleston to Huntington. Pictured at Moses’ Used Supercenter in St. Albans are managers from six of Moses Auto Group’s used car locations. First row, from left: Brian Myers (Corridor G location); Fred Priddy (St. Albans Supercenter); Jason Kelley (Supercenter); John Whitt (Moses Downtown in Charleston); Randy Bailey (Supercenter); Mark Morrison (Corridor G). Back row: Eric Castelli (Supercenter); Tim Douglas (Teays Valley location); David Setser (used car director); Clete Fisher (Moses Honda Volkswagen, Huntington) and Floyd Crawford (Teays Valley).

If you’re in the market for a quality, pre-owned vehicle, Moses Auto Group, whose used car footprint covers the region from Charleston to Huntington, has you covered.

Fresh, local trades, backed by Moses Auto Group’s reputation for trustworthiness and customer service, can be found at six different Moses locations between Charleston and Huntington.

The used car locations include: Moses Factory Outlet on Corridor G; Moses Factory Outlet Teays Valley; Moses Cadillac Buick GMC in Charleston; Moses Ford, St. Albans; Moses Used Supercenter, St. Albans; and Moses Honda Volkswagen, Huntington.

“We have 1,138 pre-owned cars in stock right now,” said David Setser, Moses Auto Group’s used car director. “That’s among the six stores.”

Moses Auto Group’s inventory of used vehicles changes frequently, especially at the Moses Used Supercenter in St. Albans, where the Moses Auto Group has new car dealerships for Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan, Lexus, Ford and BMW.

“It turns over all the time, especially here (at the Supercenter in St. Albans) – you have Toyota, Chevrolet, Nissan and Lexus. All those trade-ins come through here,” Setser said. “The majority of the cars that come through this store are definitely trade-ins.”

And for customers looking for a specific make, year and model of pre-owned vehicle, Moses Auto Group can help them find what they’re looking for.

“Absolutely,” Setser said.

Setser said pre-owned vehicle buyers these days are looking in a wide range of categories.

“It’s really across the board. Cheaper cars always sell well — 10 grand and under. Sport utility (vehicles) usually for 20 grand and under and trucks, 25 grand and under. SUVs and trucks are definitely the biggest sellers we have.”

Moses Auto Group’s pre-owned vehicles come with any leftover warranties from the original manufacturers as well as the standard 30-day, 1,000-mile warranty that applies to all used cars.

Setser, who has been in the car business for nearly 30 years, said pre-owned vehicles are smart buys for customers looking to save money.

And used cars are more reliable than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Customers should have no qualms about buying a used vehicle. All used vehicles offered for sale are checked out thoroughly by Moses Auto Group technicians.

Additionally, most of the used vehicles available through Moses Auto Group are no older than five years.

“They’re definitely more reliable and have better quality. The brands we sell, for sure, we don’t have a lot of issues with them. And if we do, we resolve those issues. We always try to take care of the customer.”

As with their new car customers, Moses Auto Group’s used car customers receive the same level of excellent customer service.

Treating customers well not only at the point of sale, but carrying that customer service and good will forward through the purchase and ownership period has helped make Moses Auto Group a success for more than 70 years.

Whether you buy a used car for less than $10,000 or a new vehicle costing six times that amount, Moses Auto Group treats every customer with same amount of courtesy and respect.

“You have to do it right from ground zero,” Setser said. “You don’t survive 70 years in this industry without treating people right.”

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